Ashby De La Zouch

St Augustine’s Chapter No. 779

ATTACHED TO Ferrers & Ivanhoe Lodge No.779 Warranted 3rd February 1847 - Consecrated 24th June 1847 Centenary Warrant 15th September 1977 Contact: Email Held at the Masonic Hall, Lower Church Street, Ashby de la Zouch, on the third Thursday in September, November, February and April at 6 p.m. Installation meeting - April St. Augustine’s Chapter was originally linked with the John of Gaunt Lodge No.766 and the Warrant for its establishment was dated 3rd February 1847; the Chapter was consecrated on the 24th June 1847. The first Principals were Wm. Kelly, E.R. Crouch and Wm. Williamson, and there were nine founder members. The convocations were held at the Three Crowns Hotel, Leicester. But from November 1850 to November 1852 no convocations at all were recorded. Thereafter convocations were held spasmodically, presumably only when a suitable candidate was available. Three years later, in May 1855, a deputation from the Chapter of Fortitude No.279 attended to recommend an amalgamation of the two Chapters. Later that year suitable terms for amalgamation were agreed. In 1859 a petition from the United Chapter supported by the Grand Superintendent was presented to Supreme Grand Chapter for the Warrant to be transferred to the Ferrers & Ivanhoe Lodge No.779. The petition was granted and the first convocation of St. Augustine’s Chapter No.1081 at Ashby de la Zouch, was held at the Town Hall on 14th April 1863. This was the only convocation held as Chapter No.1081, the following convocation in June 1864 being held as Chapter No.779 consequent upon the change in the designation of the Ferrers and Ivanhoe Lodge. The early years of the re-vamped Chapter proved difficult, little progress being made. In some years, no convocations were held, in other years one only, so that in the first fourteen years of its existence at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, a total of only nine convocations were held. Indeed, from 1870 to 1877 such convocations that were held were emergency convocations or by command of the Grand Superintendent, and were presided over by a Provincial Grand Principal. This situation of scarcity is understandable in the early years of a new venture, but the paucity of regular convocations, with consequent lack of opportunity for the members to become versed in the working of the order was obviously a severe drawback. However, in 1877 this problem was rectified and the year marks the beginning of the Chapter making sounder progress. From 1878 regular convocations became the practice, and the support of the members of the Ferrers & Ivanhoe Lodge established a firmer foundation. After its establishment at Ashby de la Zouch the members began to be drawn from a spectrum of life covering the professions – law, medicine, church – from a wide area around Ashby de la Zouch, and this was later extended to leading industrialists and others of prominence in their callings. During the First World War although the convocations were held regularly, few members were admitted, but in the years following the cessation of the hostilities a regular pattern of admission began which has continued at a consistent rate to the present time. Nearly half the current membership is drawn from Grace Dieu Lodge No.2428, a situation dating from the 1920s. It was agreed in 1927 that alternate convocations should be held at Ashby de la Zouch and Coalville. After 1935, following a reminder by the Provincial Grand Scribe E. that the By-Laws did not specify a meeting place, no further convocations were held at Coalville. The past thirty years of the period have been very stable, enabling the numerical strength of the Chapter to be established on a sound basis with a consequent enlargement of enthusiasm and interest in the Order. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.


Wayfarer Chapter No. 8679

ATTACHED TO Wayfarer Lodge No.8679 Warranted 9th February 1994 - Consecrated 24th May 1994 Contact: Email Held at the Masonic Hall, Park Road, Coalville, on the third Tuesday in October, January and May, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - May The formation and subsequent consecration in 1994 of the Wayfarer Chapter came from an idea by the then treasurer of the Wayfarer Lodge who was also a member of the Wiclif Chapter. The Masonic Hall at Coalville had only two other Lodges meeting there, a Craft and a Mark; one had already held its centenary, and the other was only two years away from it. But as the Hall was greatly underused, he therefore proposed to other members that a new Chapter should be formed. Many members of the Wayfarer Lodge were already companions of the Holy Royal Arch but belonged to different Chapters, both within and without the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland. From that first proposal eight members were sympathetic to the idea. That number grew and many familiar names in the Province who would later become prominent in other Orders joined, however it is widely recognized that E.Comp. John V. Gillanders PPDGDC of the Wiclif Chapter No.3078 who actively canvassed other companions of that Chapter was the driving force which resulted in many members of the Wayfarer Lodge and their friends being able to petition for a Charter which was warranted 9th February 1994. The aims and objectives of the Chapter follow the ethos of the Lodge whose name it bears, and welcomes its members from any of the Lodges in the Province or beyond. The original founders who wished to become members had already been installed as Principals but since 2003 those who have progressed though the chairs have only been exalted in the Wayfarer Chapter. At the Installation in May 2009 all three Principals had been made Masons in the Wayfarer Lodge No.8679 and exalted into the Wayfarer Chapter, a milestone for the Chapter. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.


Knights of Malta Chapter No. 50

ATTACHED TO Knights of Malta Lodge No.50 Warranted 8th November 1972 - Consecrated 4th January 1973 Contact: Email Held at the Masonic Hall, St. Mary’s Road, Hinckley, on the first Thursday in October, March and May at 6.00 p.m, December at 5.30 p.m. Installation meeting - December Despite being attached to a very old Craft Lodge, the Chapter dates only from 1972. E.Comp. Harry Starmer, a member of both Knighton Lodge No.4711 and Knighton Chapter No.4711, had friends in Hinckley and considered a Chapter would benefit the area. Knowing that the then PGM (Brigadier C.B.S. Morley) was keen to increase both the number of Craft Lodges and RA Chapters, E.Comp. Starmer took up the issue with him. Oddly, however, “The Brig” was sceptical about the possibility of the idea succeeding, but nevertheless allowed E.Comp. Starmer to proceed, provided a sufficient number of members could be found. Some came from Leicester, and rather more from Hinckley, and the petition to found the new Chapter was granted, with “The Brig” very happily presiding over the Consecration meeting on 4th January, 1973. He requested that his “Consecration Oration” be repeated regularly, and it is now read every sixth year. A record of the Consecration ceremony is preserved by the Chapter, and this indicates that Brigadier Morley addressed the assembly on the purpose of the meeting and then had the petitioners arranged in order. Having read the Charter and found it in order, he asked the petitioners if they approved of the Principals named therein. That being signified in Masonic form, the ceremony went ahead, and it is recorded that a Masonic choir sang the anthem “God is a Spirit.” Since its foundation the Chapter has established itself as a feature of Hinckley’s masonic life. Many candidates have been exalted who have been local men, as have a number of its Principals. The Chapter has also been strengthened by a number of joining members over the years. This is not to say there have been no disturbances from time to time. In 1987 the First Principal Elect could not be installed due to illness, and there was an altercation between the Scribe E. and the Provincial Representative about the correct procedure to be followed. The Installation was deferred, but for a while there was no-one in the Throne of First Principal. More heat occurred in 1991 when at the May meeting there was a heat-wave and the temperature soared into the 80's, so that permission had to be given for the Installation to take place in “shirt sleeve” order. In 1996 it was not heat but water that caused problems, when a great storm caused the ingress of water around the central light fixture, and this had to be caught in a plastic bucket, until it was noticed that there was steam coming from the fitting, which was extinguished. The ceremony then continued without incident. Fortunately problems such as these do not regularly disturb the harmony of the Chapter. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.


Granite Chapter No. 2028

ATTACHED TO Granite Lodge No.2028 Warranted 1st May 1980 - Consecrated 23rd September 1980 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the third Monday in November, January and March, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - March Contact: Email In late 1979 a number of members of the Granite Lodge No.2028 met to discuss the possibility of forming a Granite Chapter. The formation of a Chapter deriving from the Granite Lodge had been explored in the late 1950s, but it did not come to fruition. On this occasion, however, the idea was taken further. A letter of intent was sent to the Secretary of the Granite Lodge which produced over 20 potential Founder members. The first meeting of the Founders was held on 19th May 1980. One of the reasons for the formation of a new Chapter was the need for more Chapters in the Province in order to accommodate a backlog in the Province for available places for Brethren keen to be exalted into the Royal Arch. Another reason was to reflect upon the respect and affection in which E.Comp. Gayton C. Taylor was held in the Lodge. As a result of the petition the Granite Chapter was granted a Charter on 1st May 1980 and was consecrated in the Oliver Lodge Room, Freemasons’ Hall, London Road, Leicester on 23rd September 1980. There were 22 Founding members, and the jewel of the Chapter was based on the crest of the Granite Lodge. The first exaltee was Comp. Peter R. MacFarlane on 17th November 1980, who has been followed by a further 42 Exaltees and 6 joining members. The 25th Anniversary of the founding of the Chapter was celebrated in January 2005 with the attendance of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent accompanied by the entire team of Provincial officers. Whilst the original founding of the Chapter originated from the Granite Lodge, regrettably that connection has long been lost. The last exaltee who was a member of Granite Lodge was exalted in November 1985. In recent years the main Lodges from which exaltees have come have been Commercial Lodge No.1391, St John’s Lodge No.279 and Granstone Lodge No.6406.

St Martin’s Chapter No. 3431

ATTACHED TO St Martin’s Lodge No. 3431 Warranted 2nd May 1923 — Consecrated 1st June 1923 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the third Monday in September and the second Monday in November, January and March, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - March Contact: Email St. Martins was the eighth Chapter to be Consecrated in the Province. Its founders (28 in number) were provided by 15 members of Rutland Chapter No. 1130 [later De Mowbray Chapter No.523]; 12 from the Chapter of Fortitude No.279; and one from East Goscote Chapter No.2865. The first 11 exaltees were from St. Martin’s Lodge No.3431, but there is no indication of why more senior Lodges in Leicester did not seek the creation of a Chapter linked to them. At the consecration an Oration entitled “A Plea for the Cultivation of a Spirit of Optimism” was delivered by E.Comp. John T. Thorp. In this mention was made of the Jewish Nation being captive at several points in their history “and today the whole world is in captivity, if not physically, at least mentally, morally and spiritually. We see National strife, class warfare and grinding poverty.” He went on to say that “these chains of captivity keep us from a happier and nobler life”. E.Comp. Thorp took this opportunity to state the members of this Order firmly believe that Masonic principles must be the main feature in rebuilding a temple for humanity. He advocated a profound reverence for the Most High and to strive ever “to keep life’s horizon bright”. After the meeting the Companions dined at a cost of fifteen shillings. Since the Consecration, St Martin’s Chapter has met regularly, the only exceptions being when a few meetings were missed during wartime and some meetings were moved to the month of May during the same period. In these unhappy times many meetings were held at midday rather than the traditional time of evening. During the time the Chapter has been existence to the date of writing (March 2011) two hundred and eighty-seven Brethren of the Craft have been Exalted into the Royal Arch under the St. Martins banner. Included in that are many who have gone on to serve in high office in this Order and in Masonry generally. Of particular note are Most Excellent Companion Herbert William Tassell, Grand Superintendent of Leicestershire & Rutland, from 1988–1996 and Excellent Companion Aubrey Newman (PM of the Quator Coronati Lodge and Prestonian Lecturer). In addition a number of members have been honoured with decorations ranging from the DFC, (E Comp. Henry (Paddy) Plimmer), the MC, (E Comp. John Brabbs) both for their services during the Second World War, and the MBE (Comp. Watson R. Ramsey) in recognition of his work in the re-organisation and modernisation of care for the elderly and deprived members of society and E Comp. Frederick Alfred Thorpe OBE. Notable dates for the Chapter The 50th Convocation took place on Monday 11th November 1935. The 100th took place on Monday 13th September 1948 in the Holmes Lodge room. The 150th took place on Monday 9th January 1961 in the Oliver Lodge room. The 200th took place on Monday 10th September 1973. The 250th took place on Monday 13th January 1986. The 300th took place on Monday 21st September 1998. The 350th on Monday 10th January 2011. The 50th installation festival took place on 13th March 1972. The 75th installation festival took place on 10th March 1997. The St. Martin’s Chapter continues to go from strength to strength with 4 candidates being exalted during the 2010–2011 season. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Gartree Chapter No. 7778

ATTACHED TO Gartree Lodge No.7778 Warranted 14th November 1973 - Consecrated 21st February 1974 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the fourth Wednesday in September, February and April, and the first Thursday in December, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - September Contact: Email Gartree Chapter No.7778 was consecrated by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Brig. C.B.S. Morley, CBE, TD, DL, accompanied by E.Comp. Gayton C. Taylor and E.Comp. Rev J. Carr, the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals. There were also present four Grand Officers, four Provincial Grand Officers and fifty-nine visiting Companions. The three Consecrating Principals and the Provincial Deputy Grand Superintendent, the Provincial Grand Scribe E. and the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies were given honorary membership of the Chapter. The Petition for a New Chapter was signed by twenty-one petitioners and consent to the petition, on behalf of Gartree Lodge No.7778, was given on 11th October 1972 by the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Ernest Hazell, a Founder of the Chapter, and his Wardens. The twenty-one petitioners were members of twelve Lodges in the province and six were members of Gartree Lodge and three of Newarke Lodge No.6974. Of the twenty-one petitioners, eighteen finally became Founders of the Chapter. The Chapter was supported by members of other Chapters in and out of the province. Twelve of those Companions had been exalted in De Mowbray Chapter No.523, Temperantia Chapter No.4088, Knights of Malta Chapter No.50 and St Martin’s Chapter No.3431. The Founders included five Past Principals, three of whom were Provincial Grand Officers. The mix and experience of those companions from the various Lodges and Chapters created a very happy Chapter which it still continues to be. It is not possible to include all the Founders in this brief history. Our remaining Founder, now an honorary member, E.Comp. Victor Clarke, who has always provided valuable guidance over many years to newly exalted companions, has many fond memories of the early days of the Chapter. A junior Founder by his own admission, he recalls E.Comp. Fred Roworth, the first Scribe N., as a forthright but a true companion and a stickler for correctness. Comp. Horace Dealey, whilst never progressing in office, faithfully served as the Chief Steward for over twenty years. E.Comp. John Castleman, who actively witnessed the exaltation of both his brother, Roger, and his eldest son, Chris, both of whom achieved active rank in the Provincial Grand Chapter, was a highly competent first Treasurer and provided sound advice to all and was known for his wit. E.Comp. Ray Wills was an excellent ritualist and E.Comp. Ken Gray was a very sincere and capable Companion who brought a great deal of support to the Chapter from Brethren from Syston as is evidenced by the fact that, over the years, twenty exaltees began their Masonic careers at either Bradgate or East Goscote Lodges. E.Comps. Aubrey Flower and Victor Clarke continued to step in at the last minute to assist most impressively in our ceremonies. All the Founders played their individual part in the continued success of the Chapter and have all served with great distinction and affection. Up to April 2010 the Chapter has carried out eighty-six exaltations and thirty-six installation ceremonies and nearly half of the exaltees have started their Masonic experience with Gartree Lodge No.7778 , Bradgate Lodge No.6596, St. Denys Lodge No.8276 and Temperantia Lodge No.4088. There have been many exaltees since the consecration who have had considerable success in the Royal Arch with a number having been appointed to active provincial rank. Past Principals continue to maintain the high standards set by the Founders. Today the Chapter continues to be in good spirit with many younger companions determined to progress in office. There are currently forty-five members and we all enjoy our Royal Arch Masonry being happy and communicating happiness. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Saint Crispin Chapter No. 7832

ATTACHED TO Saint Crispin Lodge No. 7832 Warranted 29th April 1965 - Consecrated 17th May 1965 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the second Thursday in October, the second Tuesday in December, the third Monday in February and the first Wednesday in May, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Next Installation meeting - October Contact: Email The inspiration for the St. Crispin Chapter came from Companions who were members of the Chapter of the Flaming Torch No.4874, East Goscote Chapter No.2865 and the Rutland Lodge No.1130. The Saint Crispin Lodge No.7832 was the sponsor, as many of the members were in the footwear industry, St. Crispin being the Patron Saint of Shoemakers. The present membership is mainly drawn from the Saint Crispin Lodge No.7832, Grey Friars Lodge No.6803, St. Denys Lodge No.8276 and Lodge of Friendship No.7168 which is the Mother Lodge of St. Crispin. There are presently 48 Members and during the period from 1999 to 2010, 33 candidates have been exalted. Since the Chapter was consecrated 45 years ago, including the original 18 founders, there have been 140 members who have either been exalted or joined. The Chapter was consecrated on Monday 17th May 1965 in the Oliver Lodge Room by the ME Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Brigadier C.B.S. Morley, accompanied by the Second Provincial Grand Principal E.Comp. W.G. Fox, P.Asst.G.Sojr. and the Third Provincial. Grand Principal E.Comp. J.E. Foister assisted by the Provincial Grand DC E.Comp. O. Farrant. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Leicestershire & Rutland Chapter of Installed First Principals No. 7896

ATTACHED TO Leicestershire & Rutland Lodge of Installed Masters No.7896 Warranted 10th February 1965 - Consecrated 16th March 1965 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the third Tuesday in March and the fourth Thursday in September, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - March Contact: Email The Leicestershire and Rutland Lodge of Installed Masters No.7896, was created in 1963 as part of the overall expansion of Freemasonry, and particularly the number of Craft Lodges, within the Province during the period of office of Brigadier Bernard Morley. It would therefore have been little surprise that a parallel Royal Arch Chapter of Installed First Principals should have been warranted (10th February 1965) and consecrated (15th March 1965) within a short space of time. It is often said that a Lodge of Installed Masters is the “premier” Lodge within a Province, and the same claim can be made for a Chapter of Installed First Principals. If, however, that had been the hope of “The Brig,” events were to take another turn. Though initial recruitment was healthy, within a few years at Provincial Communications the MEGS went on record to deplore low attendance rates amongst members and to criticise the Chapter for what he regarded as its poor leadership. That sad state of affairs fortunately did not continue. With the criticism levelled at a certain word used in Royal Arch ritual during the 1980’s, and the consequent decision of The Supreme Grand Chapter to make alterations in workings, there was a need for a local forum to consider ritual issues and also to demonstrate new forms of ceremonies. The Chapter of Installed First Principals took on that role, and has continued and developed it ever since. In addition the Chapter has received papers from distinguished companions on a range of matters relevant to the Royal Arch degree. The current high standing of the Chapter is clear from its list of PZs, many of whom have held high office in the HRA and also Craft Freemasonry, but especially at the present time when the three chairs of the Chapter are held by the Provincial Grand Master, The Assistant Provincial Grand Master and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master. With a membership of over 200, it is not uncommon for candidates for membership to apply as soon as they have been installed as First Principal in their respective Chapters. At the same time a friendly rivalry has developed with the Lodge of Installed Masters to see which of the two sisters can recruit more members in any year. Those qualified to be in the Chapter will, of course, be similarly qualified to be in the Lodge, so the rivalry is in no way detrimental to either, and is seen as adding a little “frisson” of competition to the life of both. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Morley Chapter No. 8320

ATTACHED TO Morley Lodge No.8320 Warranted 13th February 1974 - Consecrated 30th April 1974 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the second Friday in October and January and the fourth Tuesday in April, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - April Contact: Email The Chapter was warranted on 13th February 1974, and was consecrated on 30th April 1974. As its name suggests it was one of the Chapters founded during the expansionist phase of the Order under Brigadier Morley, and indeed it proudly bears and commemorates his name. It also had an initial affinity with Morley Lodge with whom it shares a number, though over the years as a comparison of the membership lists of the two bodies will show there has been a divergence, and the Companions of the Chapter now come from many Lodges. The Chapter is proud to number amongst its members many companions who have achieved distinction in the Craft and in other Masonic orders, including E.Comp. Derek Buswell, PPGM, E.Comp. David Parkes Bowen, Inspector General of the “A and AR”, and E.Comp. Philip Dodd, PAPGM. We are also proud to number amongst our Honorary membership, four Past Grand Superintendents E.Comps. Gayton Taylor, William Dawson, H.W. Tassell and Bernard Morley. The first 25 years of the Chapter were recorded in a booklet compiled by E.Comp. David Parkes Bowen entitled ‘The First Twenty Five Years’ – 30th April 1974 to 27th April 1999. The Chapter meets on three occasions each year in October, January and April, with the last being the Installation meeting. Since the turn of the millennium, Morley Chapter has maintained a steady membership and strives to continue the high standards set by its founders. The number of members has stood in the high forties for some years. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Temperantia Chapter No. 4088

ATTACHED TO Temperantia Lodge No.4088 Warranted 5th May 1937 - Consecrated 30th September 1937 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the second Tuesday in November, January and March and the first Tuesday in May at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - November Contact: Email When our illustrious and E.Comp. Arthur Kemp, was Third Grand Principal in the 1934, he visited the various Chapters as a Provincial Grand Officer. During his sojourns he formed the opinion that there was room for a new Royal Arch Chapter, hence thought was given to the creation of a Temperantia Royal Arch Chapter, to be founded on temperance principles, for members of the Temperantia Lodge No.4088. E.Comp. Arthur Kemp consulted E.Comps. George Inglefield Light and Sydney Frank Herbert and they agreed to test the wishes of the Temperantia Lodge members, as to their desire to form a Temperantia Royal Arch Chapter, and a questionnaire was sent to each member of the Temperantia Lodge early in 1937, asking their opinion on this matter. In view of the many Brethren expressing their willingness and desire to join the Chapter, if it were formed, E.Comp. Arthur Kemp consulted the Grand Superintendent Sir Frederick Oliver, and, receiving his approbation, applied to the Supreme Grand Chapter for a Charter, which was granted, and Temperantia Royal Arch Chapter No.4088 was consecrated on Thursday September 30th 1937. In its 74 years the Chapter has been honoured with many distinguished Companions from within the Province. From its Consecration we have had 240 members and in 2011 currently have 42 loyal Companions. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Holmes Chapter No. 4656

ATTACHED TO Holmes Lodge No.4656 Warranted 7th February 1945 - Consecrated 30th April 1945 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the third Tuesday in October, January and April at 5.30 p.m. Installation meeting - April Holmes Chapter was consecrated on 30th April 1945 by E.Comp. George William Hunt, the Grand Superintendent, assisted by E. Comp. John Harold Corah (Provincial Haggai), E.Comp. Geoffrey W. Wilkes (Provincial Joshua) and other Provincial Grand Officers. E.Comp. George William Hunt had been the prime mover for the formation of the Holmes Lodge in 1924, although he never joined the Chapter. Holmes Chapter was the only Masonic Order to be consecrated in the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland during the period of the Second World War, and this may well account for the small number of Founders (only 13) and the small turnout of Grand Officers (2) and Provincial Grand Officers (15) at the Consecration. The Founders were drawn from only four Chapters, three being in this Province. Five were members of St. George’s Chapter No.1560, five from St. Martin’s Chapter No.3431, two from East Goscote Chapter No.2865 and one was a member of Prometheus Chapter No. 4209 in the Province of Warwickshire. The traditional industries of Leicester were well represented by the occupations of the Founders. Six were Hosiery Manufacturers, three were Boot and Shoe Manufacturers, two were Chartered Accountants, one was a Printer and one was a Clerk in Holy Orders. There was another unifying element which bound the Founders; they were predominantly members of either Lodge Semper Eadem No.3091 or her Sister Lodge, Holmes Lodge No.4656. In fact most of the Exaltees during the last 65 years have come from Holmes Lodge No.4656, a total of seventy-seven, next comes Lodge Semper Eadem No.3091 with seventeen, and finally Prince Rupert Lodge No. 7841, which is the Daughter Lodge of Holmes with thirteen. A small number have also come from Rothley Temple Lodge No.7801. After the cessation of hostilities, there was a steady increase in membership. By December 1949 membership had risen to 34. Membership has never exceeded 43; in the 1950’s it rose to 41, during the 1960’s it was 40, in the 1970’s it reached 43; by the end of the 1980’s it had fallen to 34, but that increased to 43 by the end of the 1990’s. Since 2000 there has been a slow decline to the present membership of 33. However, we still welcome two new Companions a year on average. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Knighton Chapter No. 4711

ATTACHED TO Knighton Lodge No.4711 Warranted 2nd May 1951 — Consecrated 9th October 1951 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the third Wednesday in October
at 5.30 p.m., and December, February and April at 6.00 p.m. Installation meeting - October Contact: Email The Knighton Chapter was warranted on 2nd May 1951 and consecrated on the 9th October 1951. It was founded by sixteen members of the Knighton Lodge No.4711, plus a Past First Principal of Temperantia Chapter No.4088 – R.W. Gutteridge, E.L.P. Davison, F.H. Jones, R. Grimsley, F.O. Fulford, S.J. Perry, J.H. Cox, H.P. Backhouse, A. Burton, J.W. Kibert, D.E. Sharp, T.P . Bloor, P.J. Wacks, J.A. Hill, J. Mochrie (PZ 1130), J.C. Mason (PZ 1130) and R. Jacobs (PZ 4088). During its first decade the number of companions grew rapidly to forty-five, mainly by recruiting from the Knighton Lodge, and a steady increase followed until 1983, when there was a serious loss of twelve companions in three years, due to the death or retirement of founder members, and early Exaltees. Since then, membership has remained fairly steady, but with a modest increase in recent years. The Chapter has had two Grand Chapter officers, E.Comp. D.E. Sharp, PAGDC in 1978, and E.Comp. A.R. Butler PAGDC in 1983. The Chapter celebrated its jubilee in 2001, when Arthur Bircumshaw was the First Principal. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Chapter of Welcome No. 5664

ATTACHED TO Lodge of Welcome No.5664 Warranted 7th August 1946 - Consecrated 22nd May 1947 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the third Wednesday in September, January and March at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - September Contact: Email The first Committee meeting was held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester on Friday, 14th September 1945 at 6.00 pm., to discuss the forming of a new Chapter there were fifteen companions present and it was proposed that E.Comp. P.M. Webster take the chair, this was agreed. Apologies had been received from five other companions. It was proposed by Comp. H.E. Clarke and seconded by Comp. N.J. Jackson that the proposed Chapter would hold three meetings and an Installation meeting each year. This was carried.Comp. H.E. Clarke proposed and Comp. G. Gallimore seconded the proposed Chapter be named “The Chapter of Welcome”. This was carried. A second Committee meeting was held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester Tuesday, 18th December 1945 and there were present E.Comp. P.M. Webster in the Chair and ten other companions with apologies from three more. After discussion as to the day of meeting for the proposed Chapter E.Comp. P.M. Webster proposed and Comp. S.J. Usher seconded the Chapter meets on the third Wednesday in September, November, January and March. Installation date to be arranged later, this was accepted unanimously. Comp. Ridgway read the By-Laws of the Chapter of Fortitude No.279 and the list of By-Laws were approved. It was decided that the Founders Fee should be £5-0-0, but should be subject to confirmation at a later date. The petition was put before the meeting and several of the companions signed. A third Committee meeting was held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester Wednesday, 28th April 1947 and there were present E.Comp. P.M. Webster in the Chair and 10 other companions and the Provincial Grand Scribe E., E.Comp. J. Swift, joined them later in the meeting. It was agreed that the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E.Comp. George W. Hunt be invited personally in Chapter to be an Honorary Member. A sincere vote of thanks for his valuable assistance and guidance was expressed by all to the Provincial Grand Scribe E., E.Comp. J. Swift. From these early meetings the Chapter of Welcome has grown and since the consecration of the Chapter there have been a total of 218 members of which 18 were Founder Members with seven coming from the Chapter of Fortitude No. 279 and to date 78 Exaltees have come from Lodge of Welcome No.5664, 29 from Lodge of Friendship No.7168 (Lodge of Welcome daughter Lodge), 14 from Granite Lodge No.2028, 12 from Humber Stone Lodge No.7744, 5 Wiclif No.3078 and 5 Grey Friars No.6803. There have been 25 joining members. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Chapter of Fortitude No. 279

ATTACHED TO St. John’s Lodge No.279 Warranted 25th August 1796 Centenary Warrant 4th November 1896 Contact: Email Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the first Friday in October,
December and February, at 5.30 p.m. and April at 5.15 p.m. Installation meeting - April Although the Royal Arch Degree had been worked in Leicester by the old “Atholl” Lodge, No. 91, which had been warranted in 1761 but later erased in 1821, the Royal Arch Chapter of Fortitude No.279 is the oldest surviving in the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland, constituted on 25th August in the year 1796 and therefore completing over 200 years of existence. The Chapter was formally attached to St John’s Lodge in the year 1796, just six years after the Lodge’s warrant was issued, and remains to be so to the present day. The original Charter for the Chapter was presented by the Grand Chapter to Edward Hodges as ‘First Principal’, William Burley as ‘H’, and William Ingle as ‘J’, all members of St John’s Lodge, which was then No.471. The number then appearing on the Chapter Warrant at this time was No.102, but during 1817 the decision was made for linked Chapters to bear the same numbers as the Lodge to which they were attached, in this case No.279. The R.A. Seal and Jewel presented to Comp. Robert Wylie dated 1805 can be seen in the Leicester Freemasons’ Hall Collection. During the early days the Chapter met in a number of venues until moving to the Bell Hotel in Humberstone Gate, Leicester in 1821, where they remained until the completion of Freemasons’ Hall, in Halford Street, in the year 1859. The celebration of the Chapter of Fortitude’s centennial was an event of rare occurrence, as according to the Grand Lodge Calendar of 1897 only twenty Chapters on the English Register had received Centenary warrants by that time, of which four were located in London, and only sixteen in the provinces. Membership of the Chapter of Fortitude No.279 has stabilised at around 40 Companions with a regular two to three Exaltations annually. Friendship and enjoyment are prime considerations both during the high standard of ritual carried out in the Lodge room and at the festive board following thereafter. Whilst the Chapter of Fortitude remains linked to St John’s Lodge as is seen inscribed on the summons of each, brethren remain free to join any Chapter of their choice. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Chapter of The Round Table No. 7762

Chapter of The Round Table No.7762 ATTACHED TO The Lodge of the Round Table No.7762 Warranted 14th February 1990 — Consecrated 14th May 1990 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the second Monday in October, December and April, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - October Contact: Email As the name implies the Chapter was formed when members of The Lodge of The Round Table became aware of the growing number of companions within the Lodge. In this they were greatly encouraged by the then Grand Superintendant Herbert Tassell, an ex member of a Round Table. At the initial founders’ meeting, 10 were from The Lodge of The Round Table and 12 from other Lodges in the province. The first principal was E.Comp. Robert McCrory, who was noted for his command of the ritual. E.Comp. Peter Ward was the first DC and he established a high standard and many of the ‘traditions’ which contribute to the character of the Chapter. In 2010, we still have our original organist, Comp. John Nisbet, and long may he continue to play at our meetings. Each principal has brought his personal influence to the Chapter, but perhaps none more so than E.Comp. Gerald Ginns with his distinctive address of the ritual and the help he gave to other companions. Today the Chapter continues to draw members from across all Lodges with that unique mix of ex-members of a Round Table and Masonry. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

De Mowbray Chapter No. 523

ATTACHED TO John of Gaunt Lodge No. 523 Warranted 5th May 1869 - Consecrated 28th May 1869 Centenary Warrant 28th May 1969 Contact: Email Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the first Friday in November,
January, March at 5.30 p.m. and May at 5.15 p.m. Installation meeting - May De Mowbray Chapter No. 1130 was consecrated at the George Hotel, Melton Mowbray on May 28th 1869 at a time when the Province consisted of six Craft Lodges and two Royal Arch Chapters and took its name from the De Mowbray family who were Lords of the Manor of Melton Mowbray for nearly 400 years. The new Chapter was attached to the Rutland Lodge No.1130 and the founders consisted of E.Comp. William Kelly, Provincial Grand H. who, acting on behalf of the Right Honourable Earl Howe, Grand Superintendent, consecrated the Chapter. With the exception of one companion, a member of the Shakespeare Chapter No.284 (Warks), the founders consisted entirely of members of the Chapter of Fortitude No.279, and the rural nature of the Chapter is illustrated by the occupation of the Founders – four were farmers and graziers, a land agent, a brewer and a Gentleman. In the early years, the Chapter was opened by the Three Principals accompanied by any P. First Principal of the Chapter present. Other members and visitors were then admitted for the reading of the Minutes. There was no limit to the number of Exaltees and on one occasion seven were exalted at the same ceremony. The inclusion of the Mystical Lecture, although today mandatory, was not always given. Occasionally, all three lectures were given but there were periods when only the signs of the Mystical Lecture were explained. For the first 50 years, the Installation of the Principals was carried out by the Grand Superintendent or by Prov. Grand Officers acting on his behalf. In the three years following 1869 only one of the Principals was installed at each of the Installation festivals at Melton Mowbray, the others being installed either at Prov. Grand Chapter or at a meeting of another Chapter in the Province. It was not until 1940 that each of the three principals installed their successors with any regularity. The Chapter at first made satisfactory progress and in a little over two years membership had risen to thirty with attendances of eight to twelve, but difficult times were ahead. In 1873 the Chapter met twice, 1874 once, 1875 once, and no meetings between July 1879 and April 1882. The times of the meetings were altered and became more regular but this did not result in better attendances and there was a shortage of Candidates. In June 1897 it was agreed to consider the advisability of removing the Chapter to Leicester and after much heart searching this was finally agreed. The last recorded meeting at Melton Mowbray was in March 1900 and the first at Leicester in June 1900. The Craft Province by this time had increased to fourteen Lodges, 7 of which met in Leicester. The Royal Arch Province consisted of five Chapters of which three met in Leicester. With this wider field for recruitment the Chapter strengthened and prospered and every year since 1900, new members have been admitted. It was customary at this time for Prov. Grand Chapter to be held at an Installation Festival or regular Convocation at one of the Chapters in the Province and in June 1902, Prov. Grand Chapter met under the banner of De Mowbray for the first time, an indication of the growing strength and importance of the Chapter. Another precedent which took place in 1902 was the first recorded presentation of a PZ’s jewel to the retiring MEZ, E.Comp. A. Foster who in thanking the Companions asked them to accept from him a “Catenarian Arch” for use in Ceremonies. E.Comp. Page in his Century paper goes on to say “It was a large and weighty construction which stood at the east end of the Ensigns. Owing to the labour involved in erecting and dismantling, its use was discontinued some five or six years ago”. The regular presentations of a PZ.’s Jewel to the retiring MEZ. did not begin until 1934 although three had been awarded for what was described as “outstanding service beyond the First Principal’s Chair. The First World War appeared to have minimal effect on the activities of the Chapter; attendances were good with no apparent shortage of Candidates and an application was noted seeking to increase the number of Meetings from three to four per annum. This was not the case during 1939 to 1944 when Convocations were often of short duration and held either at lunch time or early afternoon. The Centenary Convocation of De Mowbray Chapter was held on Friday, 12th September 1969. The Grand Superintendent accepted the MEZ’s invitation to occupy the Chair on this special occasion and after congratulating De Mowbray on achieving their Centenary, looked forward to the future. It was on this occasion that the Grand Superintendent suggested that consideration should be given to affiliating De Mowbray to a Leicester Craft Lodge whose number should be adopted and specifically referred to John of Gaunt Lodge No.523. The Minutes of January 1970 record that a resolution to give effect to this was unanimously carried. There is no doubt that these Centenary celebrations were an outstanding success. Much detailed planning had gone into the arrangements, Companions had subscribed a special £1.50 per year for several years to fund the occasion and in addition to the Officers of P. G. Chapter already mentioned, the Three Principals of all the Sister Chapters in the Province were invited as guests of the Chapter. When all expenses had been defrayed, there remained a balance which after discussion with the Grand Superintendent and Prov. Scribe E. was used to purchase three new Sceptres which were presented to Prov. Grand Chapter for the exclusive use of the Prov. Grand Principals. De Mowbray Chapter No.523 continues to thrive and currently has a membership of 34. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

St George’s Chapter No. 1560

ATTACHED TO Albert Edward Lodge No.1560 Warranted 5th August 1885 - Consecrated 2nd March 1886 Centenary Warrant 2nd March 1986 Contact: Email Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the second Thursday in December, February and April, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - April St George’s Chapter is connected with the Albert Edward Lodge No.1560, the name of which was selected in honour of H.R.H the Heir Apparent to the Throne. However, the Chapter was named “St. George’s” as an appropriate dedication to the Patron Saint of England. The name was also thought appropriate since the meeting place, at the old Freemasons’ Hall in Halford Street, was very close to St. George’s Church, the foundation stone of which had been laid with Masonic Honours in 1823. The Chapter was warranted on 5th August 1885 and the meeting for the Consecration and Constitution took place on Tuesday 2nd March 1886 at Freemasons’ Hall, Halford Street. Up to that time there had been only one other Chapter (the Chapter of Fortitude No.279) which met in the Borough of Leicester itself, which members of the five existing Lodges could join. The first By-Laws were confirmed in open Chapter on Tuesday 2nd May 1887. At that time the exaltation fee was three guineas but was reduced to two guineas in October 1888! The annual subscription was £1.11.6, which included the cost of three dinners! Alms were collected for the charity fund after each dinner and 5 shillings was deducted from the joining and exaltation fees for the same purpose. The first regular meeting was held on Monday 3rd May 1886, when a ballot was taken for 3 members of the Albert Edward Lodge. After the dedication of the present Freemasons’ Hall in 1910, subsequent meetings of the Chapter have been held at 80 London Road. In 1928 the date of meetings was changed to the 2nd Thursday of December, February and April which has continued until the present time. Following the war years, the Chapter continued to recruit members from the Albert Edward Lodge and Lodge Semper Eadem No.3091 along with various other Lodges of the Province. A number of the members of the Chapter were, or were to become, Grand Superintendents: namely E.Comp. William Kelly, 1870; E.Comp. S.S. Partridge, 1913; E.Comp. C.F. Oliver, 1921; E.Comp. G.W. Hunt, 1939; E.Comp. C.C.H. Binns, 1954; and E.Comp. C.B.S. Morley, 1963. The Chapter Centenary was celebrated, as an “Emergency Meeting” on Thursday 30th October 1986. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Chapter of the Flaming Torch No. 4874

ATTACHED TO Lodge of the Flaming Torch, No. 4874 Warranted 3rd November 1948 Consecrated 12th May 1949 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, on the first Wednesday in October, December and February, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - February Contact: Email The Chapter of the Flaming Torch, No.4874, is attached to the Lodge of the Flaming Torch and, since the birth of the Chapter, it has held its meetings at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester. It meets on the first Wednesdays of October, December and February and although the petition to form the Chapter also specified a further convocation, in April, but so far as is known the Chapter has never met in that month. The February meeting includes the Installation festival. On 17th April 1948, in a meeting of the Lodge of the Flaming Torch, W.Bro. Ernest H. Stork proposed and W.Bro. Bunney seconded, “that the Lodge consent to the signing of a petition for the formation of a new Chapter to be known as the Chapter of the Flaming Torch No.4874”: this was agreed, and the petition for the Chapter’s inception was signed on that day by the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. H. C. Winterton, and his Wardens, Bro. J. Orton and Bro. S.A. Clarke. The warrant for the new Chapter was issued on 3rd November 1948 giving the Chapter the power to act as a Masonic Chapter in accordance with the Laws & Regulations of the Supreme Grand Chapter of England. The Consecration Ceremony – under the auspices of The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of the Province of Leicestershire & Rutland, E.Comp. George William Hunt – took place at Freemasons’ Hall, London Road, Leicester on 12th May 1949. The first three Principals were, respectively, E.Comp. James T.B. Swift, E.Comp. Arthur T.S. Smith, and E Comp. Alfred E. Rossiter. The Flaming Torch became the thirteenth Chapter in the Province of Leicestershire & Rutland. There were twenty founder members, of which eighteen were Brethren of The Lodge of the Flaming Torch; the other two “founders” were E.Comp. A.T.S. Smith, from St Martin’s Lodge No.3431, and E.Comp. A.E. Rossiter, from the Lodge of the Golden Fleece No.2081. At the first regular convocation a ballot was taken for the first Exaltee, W.Bro. J. Orton: he was Exalted on that evening. W.Bro. Orton was also a member of the Lodge of the Flaming Torch, and indeed, in the Chapter’s first ten years of existence out of the 42 men Exalted into or joining the Chapter, 38 (over 90%) were Brethren from the Lodge of the Flaming Torch. This apparently disproportionate number joining (almost all of which were Exaltees) from one Lodge – the Lodge of the Flaming Torch – can be explained by the rush of Brethren wishing to join the new Chapter from that Lodge: they were Exalted at a rate of two per month. In the last twenty years, however, the Chapter has broadened its horizons and, of the 29 new members, 19 (that is over 65%) were from other Lodges. The Chapter celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1999. In that year E.Comp. Peter J. Cragg was the MEZ, E.Comp. Fred Honnor was Haggai and E Comp. James L. Buckle was Joshua. All three of those Companions remain active members of the Chapter. As an indication of how times have changed it is worth noting that at the Christmas meeting in 1989, the Chapter’s 129thconvocation, there were in attendance 32 RA members one of which was a visitor. Sadly at the Christmas meeting in 2010 there were only 14 attendees of which 2 were visitors. The attendances seem to be settling more towards the lower number. On a more positive note, however, over the last year the Chapter has welcomed three new Exaltees into its fold. It would be remiss not to mention the most eminent Members who currently grace the Chapter. The first of these is E.Comp. William G. Dawson who, from 1996 to 2007, filled the role of Grand Superintendent in and over the Royal Arch Province of Leicestershire & Rutland. Then we have E.Comp. James L. Buckle who is the current Second Provincial Grand Principal. Finally, our two other Grand Officers are: E.Comp. Derek A. Buswell, who served as Grand Scribe Nehemiah in 2002, and E.Comp. Malcolm Westerman who is Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.


Charnwood Chapter No. 1007

ATTACHED TO Howe & Charnwood Lodge No.1007 Warranted 6th November 1872 - Consecrated 14th January 1873 Centenary Warrant 25th June 1983 Held at the Masonic Hall, Ashby Square, Loughborough, on the third Tuesday
in October, December, February and April, at such hour as the Principals may direct. Installation meeting - April Contact: Email At a meeting of the Howe and Charnwood Lodge No.1007 on 18th June 1872, its WM, W.Bro. Henry Deane, an enthusiastic Freemason and a member of De Mowbray Chapter No.523, proposed that a Royal Arch Chapter be established in Loughborough. The Consecration ceremony on 14th January 1873 was remarkable for the absence of the First Principal designate, Earl Ferrers, notwithstanding the fact that at the meeting of the Provincial Grand Chapter at which the Consecration was held he was appointed Second Provincial Grand Principal! The Freemason of 25th January 1873 reported that the occasion “was considered to furnish a favourable opportunity for the resuscitation of the Provincial Grand Chapter which had been practically dormant since 1867”. The absence of Earl Ferrers precluded the appointment of Chapter Officers but Comp. Deane was installed as Second Principal. Earl Ferrers attended, for the only time, the next meeting on 11th February 1873. After the auspicious start affairs started to go down hill. The next meeting was an emergency one in August 1873 when four candidates were approved and an Exaltation ceremony held. The next meeting was held two years later. The Scribe E reported that he had been unable to call a meeting the previous year on account of his inability to obtain a First Principal to preside and indeed that meeting only took place because the MEZ of De Mowbray Chapter attended as a visitor and served as First Principal. The poor health of the Chapter is shown by the fact that there were several resignations and withdrawals. Affairs now proceeded very leisurely! The next meeting did not take place until June 1883. On that date the Grand Superintendent, William Kelly, was present and spoke favourably about the revival of the Chapter and expressed the hope that it would continue to prosper. In September two candidates were exalted and in December the Officers for the ensuing year were elected. The hope expressed by the Grand Superintendent now bore fruit and the Chapter has had a settled existence ever since. To mark 100 years of uninterrupted meeting the Chapter received a Centenary Warrant on 25th June 1983. Unlike some of the earlier years, in the twenty-five years after the Centenary Festival there were twenty-two years in which there were three Exaltations, two years with two Exaltations and in 1995 – 96 the Chapter experienced a nadir in its fortunes when there were no candidates. Since then the Chapter has been embarrassed by an increasing number of candidates and in 2009 comprised 67 members as the largest “working” Chapter in the Province.
(No. 1130 Rutland Chapter; moved from Melton Mowbray to Leicester in 1900. Renamed and renumbered 523 in 1970. See above). Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Beacon Chapter No. 5208

ATTACHED TO Beacon Lodge No.5208 Warranted 25th April 1974 - Consecrated 21st October 1974 Held at Masonic Hall, Ashby Square, Loughborough on the second Friday in October, December and February, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - February Contact: Email In 1973, noting that there were five Craft Lodges meeting in Loughborough and only one Chapter, the Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Brig. C.B.S. Morley asked the First Principal of Charnwood Chapter No.1007 E.Comp. W.J. Finerty to investigate the desirability of a second Chapter in the district. At the time Charnwood Chapter was undertaking three exaltations each year, and Initiations into the Craft Lodges in Loughborough were running at eight to ten each year. This combined with interest shown by Masons from Ashby-de-la-Zouch and Coalville had resulted in a long waiting list of exaltees at Charnwood Chapter. E.Comp. Finerty therefore concluded that a new Chapter could be formed, and permission was obtained from Provincial Grand Chapter to hold a meeting and submit a petition for the formation of the new Chapter. The first meeting of the Petitioners took place on 20th January 1974. After long discussion it was decided that the name should be Beacon, that being the name of the adopting Lodge, which was the next oldest in Loughborough after Howe and Charnwood, and also the name of a famous Leicestershire landmark. Beacon Chapter was consecrated on Monday 21st October 1974 at The Masonic Hall, Ashby Square, Loughborough. The Chapter was honoured by the presence of The M.E. Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Brig. C.B.S. Morley, the Second Provincial Grand Principal E.Comp. G.C. Taylor and the Third Provincial Grand Principal E.Comp. H. Cave and was opened by these three eminent Masons acting as the 3 respective Principals. In his address the Grand Superintendent pointed out that the last time that Loughborough had seen this ceremony was in January 1873, when Charnwood Chapter had been consecrated. It is interesting to note that one of the Founders was then Comp. John Scott, later to become the Deputy Grand Superintendent; Comp. Ken Mason, later to become Third Provincial Grand Principal, would also have been a founder had not some eagle eyed Companion at Supreme Grand Chapter spotted that he had not then been a Royal Arch Companion for more than the required three years and had his name deleted from the Petition. Ken became one of the first joining members of Beacon Chapter at its second Convocation on 13th December 1974. Thirty six years later Beacon Chapter is still going strong, thanks to the foresight and dedication of the Founders. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.


Wiclif Chapter No. 3078

ATTACHED TO Wiclif Lodge No.3078 Warranted 2nd May 1934 - Consecrated 26th October 1934 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, George Street, Lutterworth, on the fourth Wednesday in November, February, April and May at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - November Contact: Email The Wiclif Royal Arch Chapter was consecrated on Friday 26th October 1934, by the MEGS, Sir Frederick Oliver, to become the 9th Chapter in the Province, with 31 founder members. The Chapter was to meet at the Town Hall, in Lutterworth, in January, March and October, however, by 1938 it had been changed to February, April and November. During the war years the Chapter continued to meet on a regular basis, but at various locations and during the afternoon. No dinner was served, only light refreshments. Masonic meetings resumed at the Town Hall in November 1946. At the 1974 February Convocation, a letter from Provincial Grand Chapter was read out, cancelling all official visits due to the fuel crisis. In 1986, the Charter was mislaid and a replacement had to be obtained. The whereabouts of the original Charter still remains a mystery. In 1991, E.Comp. William Thorne, who was MEZ in 1959, was presented with a 50-year certificate by the MEGS, Herbert W. Tassell. A dispensation was granted in November 2001 to allow E.Comp. Brian Rayner to be MEZ of Wiclif Chapter at the same time as he was MEZ of the Wayfarer Chapter No.8679. In February of that year, The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent W.G. Dawson presented E.Comp. Norman Pettit with a 50-year certificate. In 2004, E.Comp. Michael Robinson, who had been MEZ in 1976, was installed as Third Provincial Grand Principal. In 2005, the Wiclif Chapter started to use desktop publishing to produce the Summons and Minutes. This dramatically reduced the Chapter’s printing costs. In February 2010, E.Comp. Ian Staples, as MEZ, welcomed the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Peter C. Kinder, accompanied by the Provincial Team, to the Chapter to help celebrate 75 years of Royal Arch Masonry in Lutterworth. The Provincial Team attended yet again in February 2011. The purpose of this visit was to celebrate E.Comp. Norman Pettit’s 60 years in Royal Arch Masonry and to present him with a further (60-year) certificate – quite a rare, but significant, achievement. On this occasion, the citation was read by E.Comp. John Townsend, Provincial Grand Scribe E., a member of the Chapter. As noted in his remarks, by the Grand Superintendent, the occasion also marked the 50th anniversary of Norman occupying the First Principal’s Chair. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Market Harborough

St. Peters Chapter No. 1330

ATTACHED TO St. Peters Lodge, No. 1330 Warranted 2nd November 1938 Consecrated 8th March 1939 Held at the Masonic Hall, King’s Road, Market Harborough, on the third Thursday in September,
November and February at 6 p.m., and the third Thursday in May, at such hour as the M.E.Z. shall decide. Installation meeting - May Contact: Email The first reference to an interest in forming a Royal Arch Chapter in Market Harborough is recorded in the History of St. Peter’s Lodge No.1330 (1870–1995), as being raised in April 1934 by W.Bro. Knighton, but it was eventually concluded that there were too few members interested at that time. However, some of the younger members of the Lodge did not give up hope easily and a number of them were Exalted into the Vale of Catmos Chapter No.1265, which at that time met at Oakham. In 1938 correspondence began, which was to lead to the formation of the Chapter in Market Harborough. The Consecration was held in the Assembly Rooms in the town, on Wednesday 8th March 1939 and was led by the Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Sir Frederick Oliver, supported by 20 Founder members, most of whom were already Companions at the Vale of Catmos Chapter. The Chapter has continued to use the Domatic Workings for Ceremonies. Initially, the meetings were held in the Assembly Rooms, but these premises were requisitioned early in the Second World War and the Chapter relocated to the local Ambulance Hall. This venue proved inconvenient as the Chapter’s furniture had to be collected from and returned to nearby stables for each meeting. The use of outside caterers was not possible during the war, so the meal was prepared by the members’ wives from ingredients supplied by one of the more “resourceful” Companions! After the end of the War, the meetings reverted to the Assembly Rooms and continued there until November 1966, shortly after which the Assembly Rooms were demolished for redevelopment; in February 1967 meetings were transferred to the Angel Hotel and continued there until the present custom built Masonic Hall (now named the King’s Hall) was commissioned on Thursday 10th October 1968. The formation in 1971 of a second Craft Lodge meeting in Market Harborough, St. Wilfrid’s Lodge No.8350, which is supported by a significant number of Masons from Kibworth, only six miles from Market Harborough, has strengthened the sources for Exaltees for the Chapter. St. Peter’s Chapter is a healthy, active and numerically quite strong Chapter, with a good spread of ages over the Companions, a steady supply of younger Exaltees through to experienced E.Comps. including currently two Grand Chapter Officers, E.Comps. Ron Jacques and Gerry Thurgar. In March 2010, Robert Townsend, a past Third Provincial Grand Principal, was awarded the Grand Superintendent’s Certificate of Merit – the first time such a Certificate had been presented in the Province – in recognition of his long and devoted service to the Province. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Melton Mowbray

Vale Of Catmos Chapter No. 1265

ATTACHED TO Vale of Catmos Lodge No.1265 Warranted 2nd May 1923 - Consecrated 5th July 1923 Held at Freemasons’ Hall, Burton Road, Melton Mowbray, on the third Thursday in November, at 5.30 p.m., January, March and May at 6.00 p.m. Installation meeting - November Contact: Email The Vale of Catmos Chapter was consecrated in 1923 and was the eighth Chapter to be warranted in the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland. By virtue of its name it is attached to the Vale of Catmos Lodge No.1265 and carries the same number, 1265. Originally it met at the Victoria Hall, Oakham and was founded by thirty eight Companions, most of whom were from Chapters in the Province of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire, namely Perseverance No.455 (Kettering) and Montagu No.466 (Stamford), together with Companions of the De Mowbray Chapter No.523. The founders of Chapter decided to work the Domatic ritual, probably influenced by their Northamptonshire connection. All other Chapters in the Province, with the exception of St. Peters Chapter No.1330, now work what is known as the Leicestershire ritual. In time, Craft Masons from Market Harborough became members of this Chapter, and in 1939 a daughter Chapter, St. Peters, No.1330 was consecrated in that town, also using the Domatic ritual. The foreword of the ritual book shows that the term Domatic comes from Scotland and was used there in the seventeenth century to describe Operative Masons, as distinct from Geomatic or Gentleman masons. It should be noted that the Domatic version is no longer used for the obligation of the Principals elect, being replaced by the Leicestershire and Rutland working of “The Ceremonies of Installation of Principals of a Royal Arch Chapter, 1985.” The change was made to ensure a uniformity of Installation ceremonies throughout the Province. In time, with Craft Masons from Melton Mowbray being exalted into the Chapter, there became, approximately, an even number of Oakham and Melton companions. Due to the Victoria Hall facilities being limited, accompanied by storage difficulties, it was decided to transfer the Chapter to Melton, the transfer taking place in 1963. There were some resignations, but these were few, and the membership has remained above sixty since then. The Province was somewhat loath to sanction the move as it meant there was no Chapter meeting in Rutland. This was not remedied until 1994, with the consecration of the Uppingham in Rutland Chapter, No.9119. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.


Uppingham in Rutland Chapter No. 9119

ATTACHED TO Uppingham in Rutland Lodge No.9119 Warranted 28th April 1994 - Consecrated 31st October 1994 Meeting on on the first Monday in October, December and February, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - October Contact: Email After meetings between the ME Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Herbert W. Tassell, the Deputy Grand Superintendent E.Comp. William G. Dawson, E.Comp. Michael H. Roalfe and a number of other senior Royal Arch Masons, a decision was made that a Chapter was needed in the Uppingham area. E.Comp. William Dawson, making good use of his recruitment skills, got together 26 founder members and after a number of meetings of the founders which took place at a hotel owned by Comp. Ian Hackney, the foundations for the new Chapter were laid. These included the Principals Designate and the Scribe E. Designate. After a meeting with the Uppingham School, the Upper Cricket Pavilion was designated as their meeting place and home. On Monday 31st October 1994, in the Oliver Lodge room at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, the Uppingham in Rutland Chapter No.9119 was consecrated. There were some 130 at the meeting and Festive Board. The Chapter is still growing. In the last 3 years there have been 2 candidates in each of those years and as there are only 3 meetings per year, one of which is an installation, the Chapter feels it is doing well. There have also been joining members, one of whom is now the ADC. The Chapter will continue working hard in the cause of Royal Arch masonry, to build on the foundations of the “founders” and to encourage the “right” candidates to join this wonderful degree. Of the founders E.Comp. James L. Buckle is the Second Provincial Grand Principal as well as the current Deputy Provincial Grand Master in the Craft; E.Comp. Michel H. Roalfe is a past active Grand Scribe N as well as being the Past Provincial Grand Master of the Craft; E.Comp. Charles Tassell is a past Chapter First Principal and is currently the Scribe E of the Chapter; E.Comp. Joe Springthorpe is a past Chapter First Principal and then was appointed ADC. He resigned for a short time but returned as a rejoining member, currently in the office of Principal Sojourner. Comp. Ian Hackney continues to do a wonderful job as Senior Steward; E.Comp. Christopher Cockerill at present is the Chapter Almoner; and Comp. Kenneth Hitchen is the Chapter Asst. Scribe E. 12 of the founders are still active members of the Chapter and long may it continue. From the foundations laid by them, the Chapter will continue when time with us, shall be ‘No More’. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.


East Goscote Chapter No. 2865

ATTACHED TO East Goscote Lodge No.2865 Warranted 7th November 1917 - Consecrated 29th November 1917 Held at the Masonic Hall, Broad Street, Syston, on the fourth Tuesday in September, November, January and March, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - March Contact: Email The Chapter was consecrated at Broad Street, Syston during the years the Great War of 1914 -1918 was being fought. There were 45 Founders, 21 of whom came from De Mowbray Chapter No.1130 (now 523), 21 from the Chapter of Fortitude No.279and 4 from Charnwood Chapter No.1007, the rest came from the other four Chapters in the Province at that time. The East Goscote Chapter is a very friendly Chapter and welcomes Brethren from various Lodges namely East Goscote Lodge No.2865, Wyvern Lodge No.6167, Thomas Burton Lodge No.7007, Guthlaxton Lodge No.7717 and Roundhill Lodge No.8639. Membership to date stands at 51. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

The Gateway Chapter No. 6513

ATTACHED TO Gateway Lodge No.6513 Warranted 27th April 1978 - Consecrated 27th September 1978 Held at Masonic Hall, Broad Street, Syston, on the Wednesday following the fourth Tuesday in
September, November, January and March, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - September Contact: Email The whole idea of forming a new Chapter came from a conversation of three of the Founders while in the bar of the Westcotes Bowling Club. Comps. Cyril Read, Fred Randell and Jack Kerry were discussing their difficulties attending meetings of their own Chapters. They then approached E.Comp. Ken W.C. Crook, of the St. Martin’s Chapter No.3431, with a view of putting their idea of forming a new Chapter into action. E.Comps. K.W.C. Crook, J.C. Bailey, E.P. Dayman, J.W. Kibert and T. Flinn, were then instrumental in the organisation and eventual formation of The Gateway Chapter No.6513. The Founders were basically made up of members from the St. Martin’s and Knighton Chapters, but with the strong influence of the Gateway Craft Lodge No. 6513. The Consecration meeting was at London Road, Leicester. Thereafter, all meetings continued at The Masonic Hall, Broad Street, Syston. At present, approx. 30% of the 61 members are also members of The Gateway Lodge No.6513. Other Craft Lodges providing most candidates are Highcross Lodge No.4835, Guthlaxton Lodge No.7717 and John of Gaunt No.523 and many more. Grand Officers in the Chapter are E.Comps. Peter Kinder, David Hagger, Michael Roalfe and Richard Davis. Membership in the Gateway Chapter is strong, attracting many candidates. The Gateway Chapter usually holds a Ladies Evening in May, probably the only Chapter to do so. It is customary at such events for the Principals and Past Principals to wear white jackets. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

Reynard Chapter No. 9285

ATTACHED TO Reynard Lodge No.9285 Consecrated 31st October 1990 Held at Masonic Hall, Broad Street, Syston, on the second Wednesday in September and May, the second Monday in February, at such hour as the Principals may appoint. Installation meeting - May Contact: Email The Chapter had 19 Founders, 9 E.Companions and 10 Companions. They came from a variety of Chapters within the Province. 5 from De Mowbray Chapter No.523, 5 from the Chapter of Welcome No.5664, 5 from Gateway Chapter No.6513 and 1 each from the Chapter of Fortitude No.279, Chapter of the Flaming Torch No.4874, Granite Chapter No.2028 and East Goscote Chapter No.2865. The bond which the majority of the Founders had was that they were sportsmen, following the example already set by Reynard Lodge No.9285 of which many were members. The sports in question were Rugby Union Football, Golf and Cricket. The Consecration took place in the Oliver Temple, London Road, Leicester on Wednesday 31st October 1990. The Ceremony was conducted by the Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Herbert W. Tassell, assisted by E.Comp. Peter J. Staniforth, Second Provincial Grand Principal and E.Comp. William V. Dean, Third Provincial Grand Principal. The following E.Comps. also assisted, Eric G. Forryan, William G. Dawson, Michael E. Herbert, Kenneth Mason and John Bennetts. A total of 115 Companions attended the Ceremony, apart from those already mentioned; there were 13 Grand Officers, 7 Provincial Grand Officers, 17 Past Provincial Grand Officers, 15 other Petitioners, 4 First Principals from other Chapters, 6 E Companions and 45 Companions. The Chapter being only 20 years old does not carry a deal of history. Membership from the original 19 has now risen to 41. There have been a few joining members but most of the increase has come from Exaltees. These average 2 each year, which is a good record for a Chapter meeting only 3 times per year. One Ceremony is the Annual Installation. All this gives a great wealth of knowledge and experience at all levels to both new Exaltees and the various Officers working their way through the Offices within the Chapter. Further information can be obtained from the Provincial Year Book.

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