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What is Royal Arch Freemasonry? 

The Holy Royal Arch (Chapter) is the very climax of pure Ancient Freemasonry. When you were Initiated into Freemasonry, you received a copy of the Book of Constitutions which contains a section called "The Royal Arch Regulations" (black edging). This signifies the very close affinity that exists between the Craft and Royal Arch Orders.

When you were raised to the Third Degree, you were told that, by the untimely death of our Master, the Genuine Secrets of a Master Mason. were lost, and you were informed in the Traditional History about the Substituted Secrets that are used to designate a Master Mason. until time or circumstances would restore the genuine ones. The Royal Arch Exaltation Ceremony (the R.A. equivalent to your Initiation) reveals those Genuine Secrets to you.

The Royal Arch should not be regarded as an 'optional extra' but the means by which every Master Mason. completes his pure Ancient Masonic knowledge and experience. 

Listen to our podcast to hear more about the Royal Arch degree.


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