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What can you get from Team App?


Team App can be accessed via an "app" on a smartphone. This will give you easy access to the latest documents, such as Mentoring Guides, Pathway documents, and brochures for potential candidates, Entered Apprentices, Fellowcrafts, and Master Masons. You will need a smartphone to access Team App.

1. On your phone, open the Apple App Store (iPhone Users), or the Google Play Store (Samsung Users) and search for “Team App”.  The icon is as shown in this picture, and click install

2. When the app is downloaded, you will see this screen. Press the “sign up” button to sign up for a TeamApp account.

3. Enter your email address into this screen and press continue.

4. You will then be sent a code to your email, you will need to enter this six digit code into this screen.

5. Continue the sign up process by entering your name and confirming the terms.

6. Now that you are set up, search for our app by pressing “search for an existing app” and typing “Leicestershire & Rutland” in the search bar.  You will see your app appear with our Provincial logo (as shown in this image), then select it by pressing on the image.

7. You will now see our app.  Make sure that you press on the top where it says “become a member – tap here”

8. Press the “Leics&Rutland Brethren” and complete the process by agreeing to the membership details.



You now have the app.  At the moment there are nine menu items, they are:

  1. Podcasts: A link to all of the Provincial Podcasts

  2. Events: This is a calendar which will also include events

  3. Chat: Here you can ask a question (this will be seen by all with the app) and we will also communicate simple messages

  4. Gallery: We aim to put useful images here

  5. Social Media: Links to all of our social media

  6. Documents: All documents, such as the Pathway document will be placed here that you can view or download

  7. B.UGLE: This is a quick link to the website

  8. Solomon: A quick link to the Solomon training website

  9. PGL Leics: This is a link to our Provincial website

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